Graphic Designer

Hello, I'm Sebastian Turner an Ottawa based graphic designer with a keen interest in motion graphics and web development.

Geometric Animation mockup in a PC monitor.

Geometric Animation


  • Motion
  • Storyboarding
  • Style Frames

By timing and easing geometric elements with a catchy soundtrack I showcase my ability to follow animation principles. From storyboard roughs to the final piece, this case study will show you my thoughts and process from start to finish.

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8 Bit Broadcast Package mockup in a Sony Television.

8 Bit Broadcast Package


  • Motion
  • Broadcast Package

This video demonstrates the main components of a broadcast package. This includes an opening and closing logo, a lower thirds and multiple transitions. 8 Bit is a video game streaming service that brings you up to date information on all the hottest games out there.

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Catonaut Ecommerce website mockup in a Macbook

Catonaut Ecommerce


  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Pattern Library

Catonaut is an ecommerce website that was built using a pattern library. It's based on creating all possible components the website could use to build itself.

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A picture of me, Sebastian.

About Me

I loved getting my hands on Lego or Play-Doh and building wacky things or creating art on paper with Crayola’s—that snapped when I pushed too hard. I was proud of my work and showed it off to mom & dad or whoever would listen. But I also loved the process of creating it, the steps I took to get there and how it progressed over time to the final piece it became. When I see other people’s process in creating their art it inspires me to create my own.

Now I want to share that creative and inspiring feeling with whomever will listen and let me create kickass work for them. I want to help build your world of Lego, or laugh while we ideate and break crayons together. I want every person I work with to experience the same feelings I have while creating new things and have a blast doing it.